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Фонд Незламних ATR

National distributor of auto spare parts and liquids

Auto Spare Parts Wholesale and Retail trade

UNIQUE TRADE. More than business


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With more than 60 years of experience, FAE is today the leading manufacturer in the field of electricians. The company specializes in the production of parts for European and Japanese-Korean cars. 

"Unique Trade" company offers the following range of products FAE:  

- oil pressure sensors;
- temperature sensors;
- oxygen sensors;
- speed sensors;
- sensors detonation;
- sensors enable fan;
- sensors of absolute pressure;
- switches brake signal;
- switches for reversing.

The  Unique Trade company is a leader of the market of spare parts of Ukraine. Unique Trade, as a supplier of auto parts wholesale, offers a wide range of products for different brands of cars. You can Buy spare parts and see the full range of products in the electronic parts catalog.

Link to the provider page: www.fae.es/

24 August 2016 з Днем незалежності України!

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