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When we save children's hearts, we follow the call of our own heart

Saving Children’s Hearts is a social project of the Unique Trade company aimed at saving children with heart defects. We strive to save children’s hearts from a serious illness. Children are love, and every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. Unique Trade allocates funds from the company’s monthly turnover for the purchase of occluders. Our employees join the project by making voluntary contributions.
Thanks to the Saving Children’s Hearts* project, children with congenital heart defects can recover and live a full life with a healthy heart.
Every time you make an order, you help save children!
All grown-ups were once children, and by saving children’s hearts together, we follow the call of our own heart. 
*A partner in the project is the Future Hearts charity foundation.


Christina Guz, 2 years 7 months



Kristina was only 6 months old when she was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease (II atrial septal defect). Doctors recommended surgery before the age of three years. Now Kristina is 2 years 7 months old.

As part of the social project Saving Children’s Hearts, the Unique Trade company transferred money for the purchase of an occluder, and last week Kristina’s heart was successfully operated! At the moment, Christina is at home with her parents.

Now little Kristina’s eyes are happy, and her heartbeat is healthy. 

We are glad to see Kristina and her mother happy and wish them good health!



Maksym Mikhailov, 10 years


On the fourth day of the life, Maksym Mikhailov was diagnosed with “Defect of the interventricular septum”. The boy is now 10 years old, and the operation could not be postponed. Maksym dreams of running, jumping and having fun, like all other children, but without the occluder (implant) this dream was impossible. 

As part of the Saving Children's Hearts social project, Unique Trade has donated funds for the purchase of a heart implant. This week Maksym was successfully operated on, now the boy is already at home, in the family circle.

Thank you for being with us, because your cooperation with us helps save children's hearts! 



Denis Vasilenko, 7 years old



Denis Vasilenko was born with a congenital heart disease. The boy is ill from birth, and the further he goes, the faster he gets tired not only of physical exertion, but also during normal activities. Heart surgery was required to prevent the development of the disease, but, unfortunately, Denis's family could not raise the necessary amount of funds on their own.

As part of the social project Saving Children's Hearts, Unique Trade transferred funds for the purchase of an occlusal implant. Last week Denis's heart was successfully operated on, now the boy is healthy!

Denis and his family thank Unique Trade, partners and employees. And we thank you, because our cooperation helps to save children's hearts! 

Nikita Morozov, 3 years old

Nikita Morozov was born completely healthy. The boy grew and developed according to his age, did not have any health problems and received due attention from doctors according to scheduled examinations. But this summer, while undergoing a medical examination at a kindergarten, the pediatrician discovered a heart murmur and sent the boy for an additional examination. An ultrasound scan showed that Nikita has a congenital heart defect. A cardiologist recommended contacting the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Amosov, where you can cure a child with an endovascular method. The operation costs a lot of money, and the boy's family did not have the opportunity to collect the necessary amount on their own.

As part of the Saving Children's Hearts social project, Unique Trade donated funds for the purchase of an occluder implant. Recently, the boy was successfully operated on, from now on his heart is healthy again!

Nikita's family would like to thank the Unique Trade company and everyone who joined in saving his child's heart. Thank you for being with us!

Mariya Petrova, 4 years old

The tenth rescued child become Mariyka from the village of Limanskoye, Odessa region. Mariyka is a little sun in a wonderful family, very cheerful, active, inquisitive, smart beyond her 4 years old. But one day the girl began to complain of pain in her heart, and her parents immediately went to the hospital. After an ultrasound of the heart, the family found out that the Botallov duct, which normally should close in a child with the first spontaneous breath, did not close in Mashuni. Doctors diagnosed her with a congenital heart defect – an open arterial duct with a diameter of 0.3 cm and recommended an operation. The parents were in despair. After all, there was nowhere to find funds for a heart implant. Mariyka's father travels 200 km every day because he goes to work in Odessa, because there is no work in the village. A mother with two children is engaged in housework. Salvation could be sought only among caring people.

As part of the Saving Children's Hearts social project, Unique Trade transferred funds for the purchase of an occluder implant. Mary's heart is saved! The best doctors of the Amosov National Institute performed a successful operation and she was already able to go home. Now she has a chance for a full healthy life, and it's all thanks to our benefactors! 


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