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24 May 2018 Promotion for eXtra participants from Bosch

Unique Trade reminds of holding a campaign on brake discs and shoes for participants of the eXtra program from Bosch. Winners will be able to visit the DTM 2018 race in Germany!

21 May 2018 Unique Trade announces the introduction of universal repair kits of anthers GKN

To make repair procedures as straightforward as possible, GKN offers complete repair kits which have been used by workshops to great effect over many years. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly using the same platforms across a number of different brands and variants.

6 April 2018 Unique Trade informs about the change in the design of Aerotwin Retrofit & Plus packaging from BOSCH

Changes have occurred in the design of blister packaging. The new packaging is made of plastic with printing.

21 February 2018 Federal-Mogul Powertrain acquired Controlled Power Technologies

Unique Trade, the official supplier of auto parts in Ukraine, announces the new company Controlled Power Technologies in the concern Federal-Mogul. This transaction will enable Federal-Mogul Powertrain to improve its position in the development of electrical parts systems and advanced powertrains.

9 February 2018 Created a new 48-volt hybrid battery for electric vehicles

Unique Trade announces a new 48-volt hybrid battery for electric vehicles from Bosch. The lithium-ion cells Bosch uses are as compact as possible while still achieving a reduction in CO2.

6 February 2018 The new Driver Distraction Assist from ZF reduces the number of accidents on the roads

Unique Trade announces a new technology Driver Distraction Assist from the supplier of auto parts ZF. It helps to avoid drivers losing attention while driving.

26 January 2018 New iDisc brake discs reduce emissions to the environment

Unique Trade announces the release of new eco-friendly brake discs iDisc from Bosch Buderus Guss.

21 December 2017 MANN+HUMMEL extends research project for the reduction of fine dust pollution

MANN+HUMMEL, the filtration specialist from Ludwigsburg, is conducting a research project titled "Fine dust eater" to examine the reduction of fine dust pollution in conurbations. In August, a field test started with a test vehicle in the region of Stuttgart. Today, the company has decided to extend the field test. In future, two further vehicles will be available for testing purposes. Both are able to filter particulates from the ambient air, also when at a standstill. Using a filter column MANN+HUMMEL is also testing a stationary solution. The column is installed at locations where there is an extremely high level of fine dust pollution in order to improve the quality of the air.

29 November 2017 The innovative clutch Sachs for motor sports is now available for roads

Юнік Трейд, офіційний постачальник автозапчастин в Україні, презентує інноваційне зчеплення Sachs з рішеннями ZF Aftermarket для автоспорту, що демонструють перевірені показники і на дорогах.

17 November 2017 BREMBO created brake discs for Tesla cars

Official supplier of auto parts Unique Trade announces that Bremo became the first brand offering front and rear brake discs for Tesla for the secondary auto parts market.

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