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Рятуючи дитячі серця ATR

Official distributor of auto spare parts and liquids

Auto Spare Parts Wholesale and Retail trade

UNIQUE TRADE. More than business


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Freccia International is one of the most important worldwide supplier of engine components for the Aftermarket (IAM).

Freccia was founded with the purpose of commercializing engine valves in the aftermarket; the Company’s commercial policy has been developed in order to support the valves sale with high quality engine and transmission components.

The product range of Freccia consists in:

  1. Freccia, related to passenger cars, truck and tractors;
  2. Freccia Bi-Fuel, related to passenger cars with gasoline engines powered by natural Gas CNG or LPG;
  3. Freccia Agri-Line, related to Lombardini and Ruggerini engines.

The  Unique Trade company is a leader of the market of spare parts of Ukraine. Unique Trade, as a supplier of auto parts wholesale, offers a wide range of  products for Freccia different brands of cars. You can Buy spare parts and see the full range of products in the electronic parts catalog.

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